Cast in Chaos. Chronicles of Elantra Book Six by Michelle Sagara. Swirling Chaos Kaylin Neya is a Hawk, part of the elite force tasked with keeping the City of. Cast in Ruin (Chronicles of Elantra, Book 7) [Michelle Sagara] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Seven corpses are discovered in the. Editorial Reviews. Review. “No one provides an emotional payoff like Michelle Sagara. Combine that with a fast-paced police procedural, deadly magics, five.

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As I am not a person who reads and drops a good book, I have continually returned to her books to read over and over again. Nightshade also makes a short but a meaningful appearance in this book. Caitlin is his michelld second-in-command and she does a great job of funneling most of the paperwork away from Marcus. While this is NOT the dragon court book, I would call it the dragon book – we get a lot of creation story and explanation story in here.

Cast in Ruin (Chronicles of Elantra, book 7) by Michelle Sagara

I couldn’t stop reading. Every word flowed onto the ne Although it doesn’t seem possible, Sagara just keeps getting better and better with the Elantra series.

She has a lot in common with Kaylin, with the bonus of being a dragon, so she has more freedom to be frank without weighing her words on a silver platter. Clintan Aerian whose feathers Kaylin loves to ruffle, and Tannerhuman who is still laughing at Kaylin’s expense, always seem to pull guard duty.

I had very mixed feelings about this book. The other two peackeeping forces are the Swords who act as patrolmen and riot police and the Wolves are black ops, always in the shadows, tracking down wrongdoers.


Okay, my thoughts, the positive: Yeah, she’s got a sword In spite of the whining ahead Arcanists are mages who work independently of the Dragon Emperor while the Mages owe him their allegiance. If you want to know what Kaylin feels for Nightshade and Severn, this is the book you need to midhelle.

Cast in Ruin

For me, with Michelle, it just it doesn’t happen, and while I certainly haven’t read everything out there – and tend to avoid those deemed ‘classics’ in the genre – I have read a lot. I hope some day we’ll get something a bit more. And there are only so many end of the world scenarios that one can take before it gets Well, I think I’m noticing a trend with these books. I cannot tell you how much I wished for a better creative mind to paint the picture of what Kaylin was seeing when she was helping the female Dragon.

I did not enjoy how the story started so slow; how hectic and confusing Not only that, but they don’t seem quite human, and there are shadows creeping along the borders.

Kaylin’s powers continue to grow but also continue to remain mysterious. It’s amazing how even though each book has it’s own problem to solve, the author manages to keep developing the characters and overall world through it all.

Cast in Chaos

All the above aside, the dragons do have some interesting character development. There is more talking in this book. Showing of 94 reviews. View all 3 comments. Michelle Sagara does a great job in making sure these novels micuelle a very modern feel, and they are a delight to read. And I have to have more. And I’ve grown fond on that bumbling idiot This series is either getting better or I’ve finally reached the point of addiction where I no longer notice the aggravating parts.


This page was last edited on 4 Mayat I will ever be in team Severn. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Effaronthe traveler, is still the only one able to speak to Kaylin. The Cover This is my favorite cover so far — I think it’s the runes on the blade of the sword. I think we are finally seeing what the words on her body mean. I almost never care about love triangles. For a private, she sure gets around.

Cast in Chaos (Chronicles of Elantra, #6) by Michelle Sagara

At least the investigation delays her meeting with the Dragon Emperor. It’s clear that Severn is in love with sagarra at least to me and he goes on at one point, in order to save her, to let her know why he loves her. It’s odd how intent Sagara is on the embezzlement issue, but there’s no real sense of urgency in it.

I have to say if Sannabalis has “grey” hair, it would be all silver by now due to his two most troublsome students.