“Dragons of Despair” is the first adventure in the “Dragonlance” adventure path, and the first part of the “Tales of Autumn Twilight” story arc. The adventure is. DL1 – Dragons of Despair. Submitted by: Submitted by Migrate Wizard on Last modified: Author: Tim. Version: With Dragons of Despair, TSR launched the Dragonlance property, and we moved into a new era of D&D. It’s really hard to understate how.

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How do you rate this content?: This series provides a game version of the original Dragonlance storyline later told in the Dragonlance Chronicles trilogy of novels.

The story was told through both adventures and novels, and for the first time TSR were concentrating on telling a really big story through their products.

I think what makes this setting very unique is that it is much like Faerun, except that there are no gods left. Stylistically, they have their flaws, but the story they tell is compelling.

DL2 – Dragons of Flame. The Art of the Dragonlance Saga. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Keep on the Borderlands NWN2 edition.

This is an extremely challenging task for the party. There is incredible detail in the module and tons of areas to explore.

Dragons of Despair – Wikipedia

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The story begins with the PCs meeting up in the settlement of Solace after five years of dfspair individual quests to find any sign of ” true clerics “. Skip to main content.


Orcs are absent from Krynn and the halflings have been entirely recast as kender, inquisitive kleptomaniacs with dargons fear — about as far as the hobbits of the Shire as you can imagine! In the jungle-covered subterranean ruins of Xak Tsaroth d1 player characters search for knowledge of the ancient gods of good, and first encounter the invading draconians.

Submitted by Migrate Wizard on The first time I ran the adventure, with players who had read the books, they listened to his advice and went straight there, completely bypassing the initial stages of the adventure.

The real problems with the Dragonlance adventures would ddl1 in later adventures, with the next adventure, Dragons of Flame showing exactly what the perils were with the novels and adventure story going hand-in-hand…. They worked especially well for the teenage me, back almost thirty years ago.

The Cave of Songs.

They meet up with the bearer of the staff and eventually make their way with her to Xak Tsaroth, where they learn that the gods are indeed real and they are returning to the world, with one of the characters becoming the first true cleric since the Cataclysm. Hickman designed a large section of the local countryside for the initial section of the adventure. They have been seeking proof of the existence of the gods; the gods having abandoned the world hundreds of years ago after an event known as the Cataclysm.


However, Hickman made one great innovation with the map: The actual clues to get the characters moving towards Xak Tsaroth can be rather blunt.

Yes, the players od to perform certain actions, but Dragons of Despair tries other tactics rather than just telling the players where to go. The characters will have to get past a nice new race of humanoids as well as a couple of other monster-concepts. Characters must choose a role.

Oh, and dragons have also returned to the world, and a great army is now conquering their land! Dark Avenger Chapter 1. And, perhaps more pertinently, does reading the novels spoil the experience of playing the adventures?

Review of DL1: Dragons of Despair

See more in readme file. One of the things it got absolutely right was the trilogy of accompanying novels. Kirchoff, Maryed. Furthermore it is prepared for moving your henchmen to DL2. It is a horizontally scrolling fighting game that represents the events of the module.