Many young women may not only want to read this story but need to read it as a way to discuss an often overlooked aspect of teenage dating life. —The Book. Sarah Dessen is the author of thirteen novels, which include the New York Times bestsellers The Moon and More, What Happened to Goodbye, Along for the. Editorial Reviews. Review. Strange, sleepy Rogerson, with his long brown dreads : Dreamland eBook: Sarah Dessen: Kindle Store.

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It turns dteamland that she might be better of without him than with. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Definitely was not prepared?! There are many underlying factors in this novel that make me drfamland to venture as far as saying “it’s pretty deep,” but I’m almost positive that it’s because my twelfth grade English teacher taught me to analyze words, to dig down deep into their bones to find some secret, hidden meaning, and that I’m just romanticizing the heck out of Dreamland.

He was a jerk, nothing more. If the word does exist, that’s this book in a nutshell.

Caitlin was slowly getting over her sister leaving. Dessen does a wonderful job of showing Caitlins steady downward spiral, even her written “voice” changes. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. If you are looking for something happy this isn’t it, but it’s worth the read.

Caitlin begins writing in the gift that she received from Cass, a dream journal. I l I actually enjoyed this book a great deal. Pretty much the only feelings I got from this drfamland sadness and hopelessness.


Mar 07, Cory rated it did not like it. Not just hard, it was sarag impossible, as I struggled with it throughout the course of this novel. Was this review helpful to you? I am sick of Sarah Dessen and her so-called “incredible” writing. She made the book feel so light, so eerie, and ever so fascinating. There are so many people in this world who have been abused. Surprisingly, dreamlznd book was much darker and emotional than I had previously anticipated.

In fact, Dessen made these two characters- well, all the characters- all so complex and developed that I fear I may not ever have the right words to describe them.

Overall, it was an okay book. I feel like I’ve outgrown it, that there are real situations with fully-formed human characters that I can actually empathize with. Because nice guys give their babes milkshakes, so he isn’t a manipulative prick or anything. Sketch out a scene as to what might have happened if she had been able to walk away from him after the first attack.

Jan 02, Dreamkand rated it really sqrah it Shelves: Rogerson pinpointed everything I hate about this world. What about if she’d seen the bad boy for what he was all along?

In Sarah’s Words

The Disturbed Girl’s Dictionary. In writing this book there was such a sense of having to be very, very careful with this topic and very responsible with it.

BUT It isn’t fluffy and it isn’t filled with happiness. You must decide whether to fight or conform. Books by Ddreamland Dessen.

Dreamland by Sarah Dessen

I’m just analyzing the heck out of Dreamland again. The way her thoughts dremland across in the cycle of Robertson’s abuse and her desperation were palpable and intense, especially in the second half of the story when people start to notice Caitlyn’s change in behavior, clothes, and demeanor.


That should have been ex This was probably the worst Sarah Dessen dreamlwnd I’ve ever read. What are the missing pieces in this enigmatic personality, and can you guess at the rest of the picture? Why didn’t she tell someone the first time?

I wanted to smack this chick. Dessen does a good job of showing the negative effects of drugs without being preachy, or on the other hand being mistaken as a “stoner” book.

I was not dissapointed. Rogerson is a dealer, so it was inevitable. Not some bullcrap excuse, because Cass should be the last one to pass judgement on a sorry love life. Jun 02, Nic rated it really liked it Shelves: Dark fiction works best with some other emotions juxtaposed to really set off the tragedy of the situation and to make everything feel more real.

And this book would have had me more without this one measly section about IF ONLY the protagonist had gone out with the jock and not the “bad boy”. But now, Caitlin can make her own choices and follow her own path instead of being her sister’s shadow. He makes her think she’s in control, when really, he’s pulling her strings. Readers beware, this is not a lovey dovey book with sunshine and roses that will make teenage love seem magical.